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To appeal to an international audience requires an international team. Whatever the production; albeit a large event, film, or musical score, presenting your best possible image to appeal to a variety of cultures is the core of our mission. A poorly planned project will miss the mark you set for your sales, and in an international marketplace, missed opportunities are more costly than ever. Our team at North Capitol Productions 北都制片 has worked on fruitful projects in some of the world’s most important economies such as the United States, China, and Russia.

North Capitol Productions 北都制片 is based in Beijing, China, and serves an international clients. What is full service production? This means that you tell us your vision and budget, we agree on an outcome, and then our team handles the rest. This includes pre-production planning, the production of the actual project, and then the post-production review of accounting and rendering of video or audio final copies.


The live event division is only based in Beijing, and is perfect for small to mid-size events such as weddings, galas, balls, concerts, and corporate engagements. This includes sound engineering, lights, stage, big screen, and video or still photography.

Our film division can travel anywhere in the world to service your needs. We have filmed corporate and government videos, commercial videos, music videos, and feature length documentaries and cinematic films. Check out our reel for more information.

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Ian C. McMath

Ian is an award winning director producer. He brings the technical and human elements of a project together makes ideas come to life. He is credited in several Chinese and American films and holds several artistic copyrights. He is from the United States. Ian is currently in the United States directing a Civil War era feature film. He is from the USA.

Justin Richardson

Justin has more than twenty years of experience working as a serial entrepreneur in China. No matter the style of your event, his rolodex has the contacts you need to make your vision a reality. Justin is from Australia.

Reina Lynn

Reina is a project manager for NCP and MC. She handles client accounts and publicity. Reina is from Russia and speaks Russian, English, and Chinese fluently.

Xiao Gan

Gan is a graduate of the Beijing Film Academy (BFA). He has extensive training in shooting for commercial, music videos, and cinema. Other than bringing a wide range of technical skills, Gan has a compulsive creative mind. He is from China.

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